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Welcome to the new year at Napa High School's Instrumental Music Program! To ensure that every NHSIM student has the best experience in band, orchestra, color guard, jazz, and drumline, we ask for the following sustainment from each NHSIM family as a portion of the annual student support provided by the Boosters.


Please select the below options your child will be participating in. Sustainment funds go towards the program's Instrument, Uniform, Music, and Clinicians fund.

If you prefer a payment plan, click on the sustainment payment plans on this page drop-down link or click here. 

Music Performance

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How else can you help? 


Additional Options

  1. Learn more about Bingo! Click here

  2. ​Merch? We have Merch. Click here 

  3. Want some Alumni Swag? Click here

  4. You want to keep it simple and just donate money? Great! Click here

Select your child's program


Music Performance


See below for what is available to show support for your Instrumental Prgorams!

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