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Who We Are

The Napa High School Instrumental Music (NHSIM) Boosters proudly provides the financial and volunteer support needed to allow the programs, including Band, Orchestra and Color Guard, grow and thrive. The Boosters include parents, family and friends plus community supporters. 

The Boosters raise the money for almost everything the NHSIM program needs including instruments, equipment, uniforms, transportation, coaches, substitute teachers and more. Also, we provide chaperones and drivers to ensure the attendance and safety of the students at football games, parades, competitions, local school visits and Tour.

As we all know, school funds are very limited for performing arts. In fact, the district pays only for Mr. Riendeau’s salary and a small amount for sheet music and instrument repair. Everything else is paid for by the NHSIM Boosters.

How You Can Help Now as a NHSIM Student Family!

In order to continue ensuring that every NHSIM student has the best experience that band, orchestra, color guard, jazz band, drumline and guitar can possibly provide, we expect the following:

  • BINGO: Each NHSIM family commits to working ONE (1) Saturday per year at BINGO. Did you know that BINGO raises nearly 70% of the needed funds for the Boosters annual budget? This fun community supported game is held year round so contact to schedule a Saturday. Most shifts start at 3:30pm. No previous experience required! Onsite training will be provided by our friendly team.

Also, we ask the following of each NHSIM family:

  • SUSTAINMENT: Each NHSIM family financially contribute just a portion of the annual student support provided by the Boosters each year. It's easy! Just click here to make your contribution.

Image by Simon Noh


Our current Booster Board includes:

President, Maureen Theunissen

Vice President, Lauren Daley

Secretary, Brad Fisher

Treasurer, Maria Cantera

Bingo Director, Denise Parks

Bingo Scheduler, OPEN

Webmaster, Art Ochoa

Marketing and Social Media, Tammy Smith

NHSIM Office Manager

Dine and Donate, JoLyn Setian
Volunteer Coordinator & Popcorn Sales, JoLyn Setian
Fundraiser Coordinator, JoLyn Setian
Uniform Coordinator, Jackie Shikowitz
Color Guard Rep. Maria Cantera
Orchestra Rep, Kelly Deianni

Jazz Band Rep, Lauren Daley

During the school year, you are encouraged to join our monthly Boosters meeting held every 2nd Wednesday, 7:00pm, in Music Room C7 or Zoom here.

Booster Board minutes can be found here.



Support NHSIM!

Supporting an active and busy program like NHSIM takes A LOT of work, but the job is easy when shared by everyone.

And while the Boosters work hard to raise the funds needed, there are many non-financial ways you can help too. Fundraisers need to be organized and staffed, and events like football games and parades need chaperones and volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.

Here’s a partial list of what the Boosters do to support NHSIM:

  • Work BINGO or grab a group to  play

  • Chaperone or sell popcorn at FOOTBALL GAMES 

  • Organize food vendors and wineries for FESTIVAL

  • Ticket sales or stage crew at CONCERTS & PARADES & TOURS

  • Turkey sales or distribution

  • PGA Tour - Napa Golf Tournament staff

  • Booster Board member

  • Uniform maintenance

Want to help? It's easy! Just email and let us know where you would like to volunteer.

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